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The truth is still out there. Again. Each week, we nitpick the scientific inaccuracies of the spartan virus, Scully’s hair color, and non-fatal rocket blasts to the face.

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Monday Apr 02, 2018

It's hard to say goodbye to something you love, and for fans of The X-Files, we've had to say goodbye multiple times, only to see our show revived back to life thanks to the power of its fans' collective passion. It's this same passion for the show, even two decades years after it premiered, which drove us to create this podcast back in 2015 and which has sustained it ever since. With the end of season 11 seemingly being the end of the show for all intents and purposes, this is probably going to be the final episode of X-Philes Talk X-Files. But don't worry, we've still got a lot to talk about. Mostly about season 11, but we also reminisce about the show as a whole, and look back at some of our favorite episodes from the classic years. Even though the podcast is going away (unless there does wind up being a season 12 or third movie) you can still keep up with all things X-Files at xfiles.news. If you've enjoyed listening to this podcast, don't forget that we recorded a bonus episode exclusively available to listeners who make a $5 donation in support of the show, to help keep our archive of episodes online for posterity. You might also like to check out David's book, Nightlights, which is a novel dealing with X-Filey themes centered around an alien abductee. Music credits in this episode: Jazzy Frenchy by Bensound I Want To Believe by Eamon Ambrose & Doesn't Matter

Monday Mar 26, 2018

And so it all comes down to this... After the perfect ending for Mulder and Scully in Nothing Lasts Forever, we have a whole other episode that centers around their (and everyone else's) search for their long-lost son, William. It's like X-Files does It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World except, you know, less entertaining. Avi, Keva, and David pick apart My Struggle IV and debate whether or not this is a fitting end to the show, to these characters we've loved for more than two decades, and whether or not it's a decent episode or not, period. Once you're done listening with this ep of the podcast, we highly recommend you check out our bonus episode and read Avi's lengthy review/interview with Chris Carter over on xfiles.news. We'll be back next week, but in the meantime, send us your questions on anything X-Files and we'll do our best to answer them on next week's show. Tweet @xfilesnews and use the hashtag #askxphiles

Monday Mar 19, 2018

The final (ahem) episode of The X-Files' 11th season was one for the books: a multi-layered standalone that has a lot to say about a lot of things, and also stands as a near-perfect culmination of the Mulder-Scully relationship. Except not everyone feels that way. David, Keva, and Avi talk Nothing Lasts Forever, written by Karen Nielsen and directed by James Wong, which is - very possibly - the final ever monster of the week episode before next week's (series?) finale (and likely Gillian Anderson's final ever appearance as Dana Scully) My Struggle IV. Join us we try to cram everything we loved about this episode into an hour - and don't forget to check out our bonus podcast episode and David's new book, Nightlights.

Monday Mar 12, 2018

The X-Files is back to basics this week with a down and dirty episode that sees Mulder and Scully investigate a couple of murdered children, but do their presence in this small town actually make matters worse? David, Keva, and Roi talk the creepiest ep of the revival yet, which, thanks to the memorable Mr. Chuckleteeth, just about avoids going down in history as "the killer Teletubbies" episode. One thing's for sure, after listening to this ep, you're bound to have a certain earworm stuck in your head again (sorry not sorry). Useful links Bonus XPTXF ep Nightlights

Monday Mar 05, 2018

This week on X-Philes Talk X-Files, David and Roi attempt to talk about S11's notoriously dialogue-free episode, and the result is one of our decidedly shorter podcasts. Despite some noisy hatred of the episode among some circles of fans, David attempts to defend the episode by suggesting maybe this is one time we should just quit nitpicking the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2 and enjoy the episode in a vacuum. An opinion which is sure to go down like a lead balloon. Roi, on the other hand, brings the nitpicking full force and even points out why Scully's security PIN is a poor choice (because you know you want to know why). Finally, we wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who has donated in support of the show. We hope you've enjoyed our bonus episode. If you haven't heard it yet, find out more here. Cheers!

Monday Feb 12, 2018

It's a Skinner-centric story this week as David, Keva, and Avi talk Kitten. Everyone's favorite assistant director's S11 ep had it all: Vietnam flashbacks, a monster in the woods, and still managed to move the overall story forwards. Also up for debate: the problem with The X-Files' relentless Trumping, the future of the show given Gillian's decision and the Disney takeover, and what we as fans really want to happen. Since The X-Files is taking a two-week break while the Winter Olympics are happening, our podcast will be taking a brief hiatus too. But you can still get fresh X-Philes Talk X-Files in your life: download our bonus episode Cold Cases, Stolen Lives in which David, Avi, and Keva discuss the two X-Files audio shows exclusive to Audible, based on the comic book series written by Joe Harris.

Monday Feb 05, 2018

What starts out seeming like a run-of-the-mill monster of the week episode turns out to be anything but, as Mulder and Scully are finally(!!!), kinda, reunited with their long-lost son, William, now known by the name given him by his adoptive parents: Jackson. David, Keva, and Roi applaud the episode which we're pretty much unanimous in considering the best episode of the revival years (so far?) and pretend that none of the rest has happened.

Monday Jan 29, 2018

Imagine, if you will, a man called Fox Mulder, creature of the 20th century. He has a penchant for sunflower seeds and archiving adult entertainment VHS tapes, yet who's reputation is as spooky, rather than creepy. Were he not already currently living in the Twilight Zone - a fact evident by his choice to go squatching rather than deal with the pending global apocalypse - his visitation by a misremembered blast from the past brings all of us into a strange middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of absurdity. It is an area which we call season eleven. This week on X-Philes Talk X-Files, David is joined by Keva and Ky to discuss fan favorite Darin Morgan's latest offering, which is quickly shaping up to be a love it or hate it episode for the ages. Submitted for your approval...

Monday Jan 22, 2018

David, Roi, and Jessa talk another Chris Carter-penned episode, and it's not actually all bad. There's actually quite a lot to be liked here: some creepiness, some nods to past episodes, and some motel room lovin'. Of course, there's also plenty not to like here: most centered around that aforementioned motel room lovin'... and a reference to one St. Rachel. As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts over at xphilestalkxfiles.com

Monday Jan 15, 2018

Regardless of what you thought about My Struggle III, This is a welcome change of pace that shows The X-Files is at its best when Mulder and Scully are together on screen for the duration (shock!) David and Keva dive into the episode that's alternately been described as X-Files does Black Mirror or North By Northwest, as a deceased blast from the past sets everyone's two favorite FBI agents on an action-packed quest which prompts us to make mention of many past episodes. It's basically just a giant easter egg hunt for x-philes. The conversation also offers another take on CSM's William revelation and the recent treatment of Scully, Gillian's assertion that she is done playing the role following this season, and how we as fans are processing the idea that this really could be the end. As always, we'd love to hear what you think. About all of this. Let us know in the comments here. If you haven't already downloaded our bonus episode covering The X-Files audio series, please consider making a $5 in support of the podcast and get immediate access to this exclusive bonus podcast episode here.

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